Autographs Meet Twitter as Xfinity Turns Celebrity Shout-Outs Into Souvenirs

Former NFL Star Emmitt Smith Signed Fans' Tweets During Live Session

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Dec 04, 2014

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People love to connect with celebrities on Twitter, but how do you preserve those proud 15 seconds of social media fame when a celebrity gives you a shout-out? Comcast's Xfinity online TV service found a way: Get celebrities to autograph their tweets.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners set up an autograph session with retired football star Emmitt Smith, getting fans to tweet him with the hashtag #SignMyTweet. Four hundred tweets were printed out on a large-format printer and signed by Smith during a live session (with the photos naturally appearing on Twitter). Tweets included a marriage proposal and offers to donate to charity. Fans were then sent the signed tweets as a souvenir.

Like Target's "Tweet-to-Runway," this campaign was not only fun for fans; it also helped the company's Twitter activity last beyond the moment.