After @johnlewis, another Twitter icon, James Blunt, cameos in UK campaign

British singer is known for his witty tweets and comebacks

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Feb 07, 2019

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Twitter U.K. has been doing a great job of shoehorning some of the platform's notorious users into its marketing recently.

First it managed to persuade @johnlewis, the guy who replies to thousands of misdirected tweets aimed at the famous department store every year, to appear in its holiday ad. And, in its latest online spot, which revolves around a girl who manages to stay "one step ahead" of everyone else by using Twitter, there's a cameo appearance by singer James Blunt.

The British singer, who rose to fame in the early 2000s with the song "You're Beautiful,"  has become notorious in recent years for his pithy Twitter comebacks and put-downs. 

In the spot, created in-house, our heroine heads off to work having checked Twitter and knowing that despite the rain, she doesn't need an umbrella. She also clocks that the trains are cancelled, so takes her bike. On the way, she finds a lost dog and returns it to his owner, catches up on the sports results and doesn't forget to buy the office donuts -- all thanks to Twitter. Oh, and almost but not quite bumps into Blunt on a street corner, whereupon he gives her a lingering look. 

We're not quite sure if this is an ironic comment on "You're Beautiful," where he sings about meeting a stranger on the subway and falls in love with her (here, she just misses him), or whether it's a quirky comment on the uses of Twitter, but Blunt has been joking about it on Twitter today, much to the delight of his fans. "James Blunt IS Twitter," says one of them -- and maybe the marketing team agrees.