Smart's Grand Prix-Winning 'TXTBKS' is No. 3 in Our Best of Integrated/Interactive

Telecom brand condensed schoolwork for Filipino kids

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Jun 17, 2013

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In the Philippines, where most schools don't have access to tablets, e-readers or smartphones, many children are damaging their bodies by carrying heavy backpacks of textbooks to school. So telecom firm Smart, along with Manila agency DM9JameSyfu developed a system that used the only technology the kids did have access to �" old fashioned analog cellphones used for texting.

In collaboration with textbook companies, books were condensed into 160 character text messages. Then, Smart programmed these texts into thousands of inactive surplus SIM cards. The SIM cards were packed into "smart" slimline textbooks for kids to take home, turning their old mobiles into e-readers and making backpacks fifty per cent lighter. The brand is now planning a rollout across the entire country.

The campaign won the Grand Prix in the Mobile Category at Cannes: the first Grand Prix for the Philippines.