Uber Eats resurrects 'Wayne's World' for Super Bowl teaser

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reprise their famous roles in ad that ran during 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend

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Jan 31, 2021

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This weekend during NBC’s broadcast of "Saturday Night Live," one of the show’s most popular duos of old returned.

Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, the stars of SNL's famous “Wayne’s World” skit, re-emerged, still broadcasting their local access show as if they hadn’t left the basement of Wayne’s parent’s house for decades. Played respectively by Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, their segment first started running in the late ‘80s and later moved to the big screen in two feature films. But this was not a reunion skit on Saturday’s SNL episode—it was a Super Bowl teaser for Uber Eats.

The pair open by discussing how 2020 was a great year—”NOT!” before hinting at something big on the horizon. 

“We just wanted to say that we’ll see you soon for the (pause) game, which for legal reasons cannot be named,” Wayne snickers cagily.

“We’ll see you on the big bowl,” adds Garth.

The camera then cuts to an Uber Eats bag as we hear a doorbell ring.

Though Wayne and Garth don’t state outright that they are teasing an actual Super Bowl ad, Uber Eats confirmed that it will be airing a spot during the game.

Over the last year, the brand has been humorously mining the idea of famous (but unexpected) duos in its “Tonight I’ll Be Eating" campaign, created with The Special Group. It’s featured matchup ads that paired up sci-fi icons Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart (aka Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard) as well as Olympic Gold medalist Simon Biiles and “Queer Eye” host Jonathan Van Ness

Since the pandemic began, food delivery platforms have been stepping up their marketing, and DoorDash too will be running a spot for the first time on Super Bowl Sunday. That ad will also feature some famous faces—Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster and “Hamilton” star Daveed Diggs. While Uber Eats-owned Postmates will not be running an ad in-game, it was behind a recent stunt involving three-time Super Bowl champ Jerry Rice, who catches a burrito shot from a cannon 100 yards away.