Unlikely Groovers Bust Some Moves in Ubisoft's Spots for 'Just Dance'

Campaign Says You Don't Know Someone Till You've Danced With Them

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Nov 01, 2016

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The tagline for Ubisoft's new European campaign for its "Just Dance" video game is "You never know someone until you dance with them." That's borne out in a series of fun ads in which we hear the inner voices of incredulous onlookers as unlikely groovers bust some moves.

A clever twist here is that you might think the narrators are being somewhat snide and critical as they watch people dancing -- a little girl seemingly cringing at her middle-aged dad on the dance floor, a boy amazed by his grandma at a party, a teenager taken aback at the nerdy girl from school -- but it turns out they're actually looking on in admiration, as they eventually leap up to dance with them.

The spots were directed by Will Hoffman and Julius Metoyer at Henry for BBDO Paris. According to the agency, the campaign stems from the insight that dancing isn't just fun, it can reveal something completely new about the person you're dancing with. A study commissioned by Ubisoft and BBDO revealed that 45% of Europeans say they discovered or rediscovered someone they thought they knew just by dancing with them, while 75% of Europeans think that dancing is a good way to break the ice and make friends.