A financial program empowering women to take control of their wealth.

Published On
May 15, 2020



Women in the US outlive men at a rate 2.5x longer than the global average. And yet the majority of women (especially millennial women) leave long-term decisions to their male partners. We saw this as a long-term problem.


Despite increasing financial success for women, female involvement in long-term financial planning is actually decreasing. Other female financial literacy programs tend to focus on education. Our research found that telling women they need to know more to do more only fuels their inaction. So, we created “Money Moves,” a program focused on moving women to immediate action, fostering participation instead of education.


Our strategy focused on action vs. education to spark female financial participation, which has been implemented across the UBS business. Financial advisors leveraged assets from Money Moves to engage clients, and now over tens of thousands of women have started participating in their finances. We found an idea that didn’t just empower our audience, but got them owning their finances in a way they never have.