Japanese Confectionery Firm Launches a Space Rocket Powered by Candy

Uha Mikikuto Achieved a Successful Blast Off

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Mar 17, 2015

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Japanese confectionery firm Uha Mikikuto showed how its candies can do more than just appease a sweet tooth or create cavities -- it used them to power a space launch.

The company funded research into whether a rocket fueled by its Puccho soft candies could actually take off, working with international aerospace engineers on serious questions such as "the optimum ratio of oxygen for efficient candy combustion."

On March 7, as seen in this video, the Candy Rocket Project successfully launched its hybrid rocket. Agency Hakuhodo, Tokyo, was behind the stunt.

The idea kind of reminds us of the agency's Cannes Lion-winning project for Panasonic batteries, Oxyride, which showed how the brand's batteries were able to power an airplane.


Mar 17, 2015
Uha Mikakuto
Uha Mikakuto

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