Ukrainian delivery company’s heartwarming ad tells a true story of love and war

Life goes on for a couple living apart in campaign from Fedoriv Agency in Kyiv

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Dec 14, 2023
A Ukrainian soldier smiling as he opens a care package

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The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been raging off and on for nearly a decade—including the invasion almost two years ago. But in a new ad, Ukrainian express delivery company Nova Post is giving Ukrainians hope and reminding them of the beauty of humanity.

In the ad, a woman prepares a care package for her partner, nestling warm clothes and gloves into a box before shipping it through Nova Post.

We find out, not surprisingly, that her partners is fighting on the front lines.


When the partner opens the box, he finds a positive pregnancy test among the gear. The man smiles as a voiceover intones, “Tomorrow will be. Nova Post. Deliver of the future.” 

The spot, from Fedoriv Agency in Kyiv, is based on a true wartime story told to Olia Zatynatska, an art director at the agency, by a friend. Before the conflict escalated again after Russia invaded Ukraine last year, Zatynatska’s friend surprised her husband by sending a care package with a positive pregnancy test.

“It impressed us so much that we based our script on it,” Zatynatska said. “It turned into a touching narrative about how people trust Nova Post with their most valuable things.”

Ukrainian filmmaker Antonio Lukich, whose last film debuted at the Venice International Film Festival, directed the ad. Fedoriv had worked with Lukich on previous projects, said Fedoriv lead creative Andrei Latanskyi. “During the campaign's development, we started feeling that this could be a story for Antonio,” Latanskyi said. “Antonio's approach resonated with us the most.”

The part of the soldier in the ad was played by Zhenіa Shumilov, a former Ukrainian actor who is now fighting in the ranks of the 3rd Assault Brigade. He was given one day’s leave to shoot the spot. 

This is the latest spot in the “Tomorrow Will Be” campaign by Nova Post. Last year, Fedoriv had Nova Post drive through Ukrainian cities and countryside to deliver the sun in a box, a spot of brightness among the blackouts during the winter. 

Fedoriv and Nova Post have been working together for 10 years, growing a simple request for a billboard into a rebranding effort that helped launch the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, the Kooperativ coworking space and the Vesna investment fund. Nova Post also expanded into the international market in 2014. 


Dec 14, 2023
Agency :
Fedoriv Agency
Client :
Nova Post

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