An Unborn Baby Pitches from the Womb in British Heart Foundation PSA

Director Chris Milk Teams Up With Grey, Digital Domain for CGI Work

Published On
May 12, 2014

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Charity PSAs fronted by heartrending testimonials from children are common, but this call to action has been pitched by a baby in the womb. Reminiscent of an '80s PSA for the American Cancer Society, which showed a baby smoking a cigarette in utero, the British Heart Foundation's latest campaign, through Grey London, uses CGI to recreate the testimonial of an unborn baby who may have inherited a heart condition. The spot was directed by Chris Milk of, whose work has included Arcade Fire's Google Chrome interactive experience, The Wilderness Downtown, working with digital production company Digital Domain to create the images of the baby in the womb. The campaign aims to raise awareness that someone living with an inherited heart condition has a 50:50 chance of passing it onto their children.