Brad Hall, Master of 'Boring' YouTube Sneaker Reviews, Unboxes Venmo's Enhanced Payment App

Unusual Shoe Aficionado Brings His Dry Humor to Something Different in Campaign Via CP&B L.A.

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Jul 26, 2016

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Brad Hall, the YouTube sneaker reviewer like no other who is known for his deadpan, offbeat unboxing videos of much-anticipated kicks like the Yeezy Boost 350 and various Air Jordan models has stepped out of his comfort zone to unveil something different -- a payment app.

Venmo is the PayPal-owned payment system that originally started out as a way to transfer money between friends, but it just announced that its users can now make payments to vendors and even split their bills with other users. So agency Crispin, Porter & Bogusky L.A. teamed with Hall to promote the new features, and he does so as dryly as ever.

Hall introduces himself in the video: "Normally I talk about cool shoes," he says. "Today I'm talking about something even more important than cool shoes--how to buy cool shoes with Venmo."

In his living room, where he films many of his videos, he then proceeds to describe the app's various features, not discriminating between the stuff that is really cool (like being able to divvy up bills with friends) and the features that aren't so much -- like the fact that the app "manages to fit all the way inside of a smartphone." Even the disclaimer is in on the joke: "Paid for by Venmo. This post by Brad Hall cost nothing to make."

"When CP&B LA, an advertising agency in L.A., approached me about doing an #ad for Venmo I was initially skeptical," Mr. Hall said in a statement. "I make unboxing videos about cool shoes. Not cool apps. But then I heard how cool the new Venmo app was and I realized that it was cooler than cool shoes because it lets you buy cool shoes using Venmo. I told CP+B LA that I'd like to unbox this application so the world can know what I now know -- the Venmo application is cool. And that was exactly what they wanted me to do in the first place so they said, 'Yes.' I told them, 'Thank you.' Then they said, 'Thank you.' Then I said, 'Please tell Venmo thank you too.' And we kept going back and forth like that for what felt like forever but was only 30 minutes."

Along with this tutorial, the campaign will also include several shorter videos.