Tiger Beer Wants You to Help Make Soccer Gritty Again

Iris Worldwide Enlists Soccer Player 'Deco' for This Initiative

Published On
Jul 24, 2014

Editor's Pick

Iris Worldwide created this web film for Tiger Beer (a Heineken Brand) to promote the Tiger Street Football 2014-- a soccer tournament in its fourth year that kicks off in Cambodia August 9, before going on to Mongolia and Singapore.

While Uruguay's Luis Suarez might have brought a little more bite to the sport than necessary, during this year's world cup, some diehards are dismayed by the pageantry that has become commonplace in soccer tournaments. This video, produced by Stink Shanghai and titled "Uncage Football," features soccer player Anderson Luis "Deco" de Souza as he preaches edginess to those who love the game. It then directs viewers to a microsite where they can voice grievances or praise their favorite aspect of the sport-- in 60 characters.

Contributions will help create a new set of rules that Deco and his teammates will apply to matches played in each nation they tour. Contributors in the participating countries, as well as Australia, will also be given points to redeem prizes including a trip to Barcelona.