Coca-Cola : Under Pressure

Global CMO Marcos de Quinto Ushers in New Era

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Jan 19, 2016

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Since debuting "Open Happiness" seven years ago, Coca-Cola has used the lofty, ideals-based campaign to promote everything from anti-bullying to peaceful co-existence among Indians and Pakistanis. But to new global Chief Marketing Officer Marcos de Quinto, the campaign became just a little bit too preachy. And it failed to hammer home more simple pleasures, like enjoying an ice-cold Coke on a hot day.

So in the first big move under his watch, Coke is closing down "Open Happiness." A new global campaign called "Taste the Feeling" will put the product at the center of every ad as Coke seeks to win over more drinkers in the struggling soda category. And in a major strategic shift, Coke will adopt a "one-brand" approach that will unite multiple varieties like Diet Coke and Coke Zero in a single campaign, rather than running disparate spots.

Coca-Cola executives are expected to annouce the campaign today in Paris as ads begin rolling out across the more than 200 countries where Coke is sold.

Mercado-McCann created the lead TV spot called "Anthem" (seen here) that puts Coke at the center of ordinary moments like a first kiss and ice-skating with friends. The soundtrack features the voice of rising pop star Conrad Sewell who belts out lines like "we can watch the waves, have a Coke and just sit here beside me." Ads will include a new audio signature that includes sounds like ice fizzing and a quenching sip.

Santo Buenos Aires created a pair of ads, one about a couple's steamy romance and break-up and well as another about brotherly love. Sra. Rushmore created another about a hot supermarket encounter, and the Cyranos-McCann of Barcelona was behind another ad touting the broad-ranging "uses" of a Coke. Ogilvy also created one TV ad that now seems touchingly timely, given that includes a cover of the Queen and the late David Bowie song "Under Pressure." It showcases Coke as a way to release everyday tensions faced by teens. Four more spots will be released later in the year. Ogilvy also is behind a digital activation that allows users to insert three-second GIFs from a Coke microsite into social media to express feelings like refreshed, energized and bubbly.

Other Coke roster shops will contribute work as the campaign evolves, including David, Dentsu, FCB and Wieden & Kennedy, which created "Open Happiness," according to a Coke spokeswoman.

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