Samsung Challenges People to Go Jump in a Lake -- and Take An Underwater Selfie

Stunt By Samsung Switzerland Promotes Galaxy S5's Waterproofing

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Jul 22, 2014

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Just how far would you go to get a free Samsung smartphone? It seems the citizens of Zurich, Switzerland, were quite happy to jump in a freezing lake for one, judging by this stunt done by the brand to promote its handset's waterproof capabilities.

A diver approached people sitting by the edge of the (only 8 degrees Celsius) Lake Zurich, handing them a ringing phone. They were told they could keep the brand new Galaxy S5 if they were prepared to jump in and take an underwater selfie. If you believe this video, a remarkable number of people took the challenge, set up by Zurich agency Serranetga. In any case, it's a different approach from those old Rolex watch ads featuring deep-sea divers.