Uniball rebrands as Uni in new campaign

'Start Your Story' campaign launches pen brand's next chapter

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Jul 07, 2022

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Uniball, maker of writing instruments and art supplies, has a new identity. After exiting a three-decade distribution relationship with Newell Brands in 2019, the Mitsubishi Pencil-owned brand unveils a new name and rebrand campaign to celebrate its newest chapter. Meet Uni.

The “Start Your Story” campaign focuses on the excitement of new beginnings, such as the one Uni is embarking on. Three spots follow a fashion designer, grocer and artist as they use Uni pens and Uni’s Posca markers to create—whether that’s a business inventory or an illustration.

“We’ve all faced a blank page, a fresh canvas, a dotted line,” each subject narrates in their video. “It’s not about what that first mark looks like, it’s about starting—bringing your passion to life. It’s your story. The power is in your hands.”

Each spot ends with an animation of the Uniball logo compacting into the new title, Uni, over the tagline “start your story.”


“If the last three years have taught us anything, it is that more people are re-assessing how they spend their time - from their careers to their passions,” said Uni President Mike Parker in a statement. “The vision for this campaign is to celebrate and empower people to take control of their personal journey by inspiring creativity and connection.”

The brand also stated that the rapid shift toward digital products hasn’t posed a threat to Uni. Its committment to innovating products, such as self-sharpening pencils and new formulas for archival ink, which has Uni confident that it will not only retain its audience but double its current business by 2025.