Subway Crushes a Unicorn and Rubik's Cube in Pre-Rolls That Are the Millennial Nightmare

YouTube Videos by McCann Stockholm Promote the Crunchy Taco Sub

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Jan 11, 2018

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Subway taps into millennials' worst nightmares in a new pre-roll campaign for its Taco Sub.

To emphasize the cracking sound made when you bit into one of its nacho-filled sandwiches, the spots place the taco under a hydraulic press, side by side with other objects the target audience presumably couldn't bear to see crushed: a unicorn (seen here,) a smartphone and a Rubik's cube. The theme is "Good Cracks vs. Bad Cracks."

The videos, by McCann Stockholm, are specially tailored for Youtube's skippable True View format. Alexander Crispin at Adamsky was the director.