This Jacket Is Designed to Evolve With a Child's Brain

Initiative Aims to Highlight Importance of Early Childhood Development

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Oct 27, 2016

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UNICEF is claiming to have developed a jacket that "evolves with a child's brain" and helps kids develop through different stage of interactivity.

However, you can't buy the UNI_FORM jacket, which was developed with a design team at Sweden's H&M Foundation. Instead, the jacket (of which there are 10 in existence) has been created to highlight the importance of early childhood development and stimulating kids' brains at a young age, and can only be seen in a stop motion video by Edelman Deportivo.

The video encourages people to visit a website where adults and children can interact with a digital version of the jacket and play different age-appropriate cognitive games. The idea is that the jacket reveals different cognitive games as it evolves with the child's age: for example, building blocks for a one-year-old or imitating animals for a three-year-old.

UNICEF aims to address the fact that nearly 250 million children under five in low- and middle-income countries are at risk of poor development. Diana Amini, Global Manager at H&M Foundation, said in a statement: "Early childhood presents a window of opportunity that define a child's future. By using UNI_FORM as a symbol, we want to raise awareness around the fact that children who are stimulated in their early years learn more effectively at school, and as adults they can have a higher earning power and be of better health than children that don't have these early opportunities."


Oct 27, 2016
Agency :
Edelman Deportivo
Brand :
UNICEF/H&M Foundation
Client :
UNICEF/H&M Foundation

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