The United Nations celebrates 75 years with ambitious goals in campaign from Vox Creative

UN sets its sights high in effort from Vox's new IQ offering for purpose-driven work

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Jan 13, 2020

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In 1945, in the aftermath of yet another global conflict that saw humanity enter the age of atomic weaponry, the nations of the world came together to create an institution that could help prevent another World War. For 75 years, the United Nations has been successful in that endeavor.

This year, the organization is using its anniversary as a platform to address five overarching challenges facing the world. Climate change threatens not just coastal communities and delicate ecosystems but entire species, including our own. Refugees and people displaced by war, poverty or rising seas need immediate and sometimes long-term aid.

Digital technologies improve communication, productivity and health outcomes, but the digital divide is widening between nations and between men and women globally. Wealth in general is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, and violence, both within countries and between them, is at a 30-year high.

An explainer video from Vox Creative features real people from five countries sharing their thoughts about these pressing issues, from a 10-year-old Russian girl to a German septuagenarian to a Nigerian scientist. Directed by Chelsea and Andy Monyehan, the spot is shot like a conversational documentary. It was filmed over just two weeks and will be shown at the World Economic Forum in Geneva next week.

The work is one of the first projects from IQ, a new service from Vox Creative that makes purpose-driven content for brands and organizations.