Game On: Preacher Kicks Off Our Quest to Fight Gun Violence With Creativity

Austin Agency's Solution: an Alternative to the NRA

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Feb 08, 2018

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Orlando. Las Vegas. Sutherland Springs. Sandy Hook. Benton. It. Keeps. Happening. Mass shootings occur with horrifying frequency in the U.S., and Congress seems hell-bent on ignoring them. Which is why we're reaching out to the creative community to produce work that confronts the issue of gun violence head on. This may be one of the world's most difficult briefs: Tackle the gun-fatality epidemic in a way that could help lead to a solution.

Our hope is to get real sponsors on board to support the most promising work. Perhaps in 2018 we can all do some good.

Got ideas? Submit them to Creativity Editor Ann-Christine Diaz [email protected].

Our inaugural presentation comes from Austin, Texas, agency Preacher, which proposes an

alternative to the National Rifle Association:

The NRA's descent from a respectable organization of marksmen into a lobbying shill for gun manufacturers has splintered its member base. Research shows a growing number of NRA members don't agree with the organization's current policies, and among the majority of gun owners, the NRA's policies seem extreme.

Creating a counter-balance to the NRA's political power and influence is no small task. We will start by chipping away at it bit by bit. Our strategy will be to attract moderate and progressive gun owners, with a more reasonable approach to gun rights and ownership. The result will be uniting disgruntled NRA members, moderate gun owners and disenfranchised public representatives in a place where it is safe to vote their conscience.


Feb 08, 2018
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