Nescafe Invites You to Prank Your Friends in a Hidden Camera Film

U.K. Campaign Also Lets You Send Personalized Plane Banner Message

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Feb 02, 2015

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Nescafe Original's new U.K. interactive campaign invites people to give their friends a "big start" -- by letting them be the unwitting star of a hidden camera film.

The pilot film, seen here, shows a couple of guys pranking their unsuspecting friend, "Unlucky Dave," as he walks along the street. There's money on the ground (which he fails to see), a couple of cute blonde twins walking by, messages on vans and even a delivery of the football boots he really wanted.

Viewers are then invited to nominate a deserving friend for such an experience at the Big Start website and the winners will star in future movies. If you're not sure you want to go that far, there's also a personalized message option -- Nescafe will deliver it via a plane banner or a digital ad van.