Find Your Nearest Ghost, Zombie and Vampire Hotspots on Trulia

'Unnatural Hazards' Map Mashes Up Real Data With Spookiness

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Oct 13, 2015

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When looking for a new home, you'd probably like to know where your closest transport hub, school or hospital is, and even about natural hazards such as crime or earthquakes. But what about your risk of zombie infestation? Just in time for Halloween, Trulia has put together a map of Unnatural Hazards that shows you how high a risk your neighborhood has of vampire bites, ghosts sighting or marauding undead.

This isn't just made up fun and games: for determining a home's risk for a zombie infestation, Trulia explains it used cemetery locations from the U.S. Census and mashed them up with OpenStreetMap's tagged cemeteries to create a detailed cemetery base map. From these data points, it calculated degrees of risk based on the minimum distance to a cemetery for every block group in the country. According to this formula, Providence, Rhode Island came out as the number one city for zombies. The vampire map is based on data around numbers of blood banks and hopsitals (based on the notion that vampires will congregate in places that blood is readily available; San Diego came out top) while the ghost sightings map is simply based on "spooky-looking places" (step forward, New Orleans).