JCDecaux Uses Google Street View to Invoice Big Clients

The French Ad Corporation Would like Outstanding Balances to Be Paid. Or 30 Minutes of Face Time. Whatever Works.

Published On
Jun 03, 2014

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JCDecaux -- the ubiquitous name stamped under outdoor ads, airport billboards and street furniture the world over -- has expanded its repertoire to include digital. With the help of Google Street View, the French ad corporation is reminding clients past and present of its reach.

The promotional effort, which took place in Belgium earlier this year, found the JCDecaux team taking screenshots of existing (and long-forgotten) billboards still on display on the world wide web. Said screenshots were framed and mailed with invoices tacked on for what has, until now, been free media space. Fifty-three major advertisers -- no doubt caught off guard by large outstanding balances -- were then surprised with a seemingly benevolent pardon of all debt in exchange for taking a quick meeting a propos of JCDecaux' new digital offerings.