The Deaf Dancer in This Cool Music Video PSA Is Actually Signing the Lyrics

Video by French Deafness Charity La Parole aux Sourds Highlights the Importance of Sign Language

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Mar 06, 2018

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French non-profit La Parole aux Sourds ("A Microphone for the Deaf") draws attention to the importance of sign language with "Unsilenced," a music video featuring what it claims is the first original song sung entirely through sign language and dance.

Created by BETC Paris, the black and white film stars dancer Billy Read performing a dance in an urban landscape to music by electro-pop act Haute, accompanied by some surreal VFX. But there's more to it than that. On first viewing, it appears to be simply a cool music video for an instrumental song, but it's only when viewers get to the end of the film that they discover the dancer they've been watching is actually deaf and that he's been signing the lyrics the whole time. Viewers are then invited to visit, where an interactive digital experience reveals the lyrics hidden in his movements.

The film was directed by Alban Coret from Insurrection Films -- aproduction company behind music videos for Drake, Alt-J and Travis Scott. Coret says in a statement: "The film is meant to be surreal. We wanted to show how strange it is when nobody speaks your language."


Mar 07, 2018
La Parole aux Sourds
La Parole aux Sourds
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Gabrielle Portnoï
Organization Management:
Deborah Portnoï
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David Martin Angelus
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Charlotte Bals
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Stphane Xiberras
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David Martin Angelus
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Erika Reyes
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Remi Lascault
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Aline Aflalo
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Christophe Caurret
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Kemi Zinsou
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Kevin Fines
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Florine Perrault
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Green United Music
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Julie Lagadec
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Guillaume Marien
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Hugo Lemant
Alban Coret
Theo Gall
Arno Moria
Production Company:
Billy Read
Ariel Fung
Agency Management:
Maxime Huyghe
Project Director:
Arthur Guillaume
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Alexis Galbourdin
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Coralie Castot
Florent Biffi
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Damien Mortini
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Nicolas Rollet

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