R2-D2 Is Your Ride in 'Star Wars' Tie-Up With ANA Airlines

Flyer's Partnership Might Be the Most Entertaining One Yet

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Nov 13, 2015

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Earlier this year, Japan's ANA Airlines announced a partnership with "Star Wars" and Lucasfilm, for which the flyer would be unveiling a series of movie-themed planes. Recently, ANA sent it first "Star Wars" aircraft, an R2-D2 carrier, on its maiden voyage.

The airplane, a 787-9 Dreamliner decked out in a design resembling the famous droid, took off on its first flight in mid-October, from Japan's Haneda Airport to Vancouver, British Columbia. Another "Star Wars"-themed plane is set to take off in November for local Japan flights, while a third, themed after the new droid character BB-8 will take to the skies next Spring, primarily on North American Routes. See the other planes in another teaser video.

The first R2-D2 flight was a cosplayer's dream come true. ANA had held a contest asking consumers to send in pics of themselves wearing "Star Wars" costumes and selected 42 passengers from that pool. The lucky winners wore their getups for the flight and were given special R2-D2-themed boarding passes. The R2-D2 flights will continue on international routes from Japan to cities including Seattle, Brussels, San Jose and Sydney.

The planes' facades aren't the only thing that pay homage to the franchise. Passengers on the "Star Wars" planes will also be able to enjoy all six of the Lucasfilm features via in-flight entertainment.

See more about the effort on the ANA Star Wars Project site, where customers can even purchase exclusive film-themed merchandise. The airline is also running a campaign around the partnership, a film from which you can see here.