Air France : Upcycled Bags

Airline bags made from billboards.

Published On
Mar 05, 2013

Editor's Pick

In the early years of airline travel, free, branded bags were one of an airline's best advertisements - remember those PanAm holdalls? But, in today's cash-deprived airline industry, Air France has done something different. It has created bags made out of its own recycled advertising. In an era when airlines are keen to be perceived as green, the bags make an environmental statement as well as working as a desirable branded product.

It has partnered with environmentally friendly bag maker Bilum Paris to create a line of travel bags and wallets made from Air France billboard posters. The first poster has created nine cabin bags, 23 laptop bags and 30 travel cases. Prices start at 69 Euros and the bags can be bought from the airline's online store.

Repurposing old billboards is not a new thing for marketers, however. A few years back, Target teamed with Mother N.Y. and designer Anna Sui to turn Times Square billboards into bags, Sony converted its old banners into one-of-a-kind jeans, and Burt's Bees more recently transformed one of its old billboards and a contraption to help water an urban farm.