Ikea : Uppleva

Furniture meets electronics.

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Apr 20, 2012

Editor's Pick

IKEA gets into electronics with Uppleva, a fully integrated TV/sound entertainment system plus furniture set that was introduced in this adorable YouTube product demonstration created out of Forsman & Bodenfors that has already gotten over one million views.

Uppleva has IKEA's stylish, minimalist aesthetic all over it, and is made up of a smart LED TV, Blu-ray player and sound system, as well as customizable cabinetry. Chinese supplier TCL is doing the displays, and all the components can be controlled with one remote.

It's a no brainer move for the brand, since so many of us already rely on IKEA to help us clear up the clutter that surrounds our electronic items. So if IKEA can provide us with a one-stop solution that can neatly tie up the electronics and the furniture solutions that house them -- why not? For those worried about the scenario of one component, or drawer, or something breaking-thus leaving you with a big piece of junk, IKEA is backing this with a 5-year warranty.

Prices will start at around $960 and the system will have a European rollout in June. U.S. release will probably be next year.