Asics : Urban Treadmill

What can Asics do?

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Sep 12, 2012

Editor's Pick

After running some pretty wacky "tests" on Asics shoes, Vitro is back with a new set of films that show how much fun you can have decked out in these kicks.

The best of the lot is probably "Urban Treadmill," a real soccer track built entirely on a treadmill. A soccer player kicks and dribbles his way through pylons and other, more hilarious obstacles (we won't ruin the surprise, but keep an eye out for the goalkeeper) in an odd, bizarre, and really fun way.

Another film shows off Asics' Lite-Show jacket, which features reflective stripes for safer running. We've seen these jackets highlighted before, notable by Nike Running, which created a real-life chase that asked you to "catch" jacket sporting people using a camera flash, but Asics' more contained idea just makes for some really good film.

There's also "Black Belt," which uses a karate-chop master to demonstrate the benefits of softer running, both on bricks, and your knees. Other web films can be seen at Asics' "Stop At Never" website.