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Sep 09, 2012

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IBM believes that "Data is a Game Changer," which is one reason why the brand, along with Ogilvy & Mather New York and Hush, erected this stunning interactive data wall at this year's U.S. Open. While the tennis major is clearly about athletics, IBM used the 15-foot touch screen to show that the game goes beyond the court and to amplify the audience's overall experience.

The wall helped to heighten the competition on the court with historical data from seven years of grand slams that helped to analyze, in real time, strategies that individual players needed to adopt to win against their opponents. It also featured a geo-tagged Twitter feed that responded to those Tweeting at the open, and other data helped audience track arrival of the 7 train, how much water they needed to consume to properly hydrate on any given day, and when weather would dampen the day.


Sep 10, 2012
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Ogilvy & Mather-New York
Chief Creative Officer :
Steve Simpson
Worldwide Executive Creative Director :
Susan Westre
Group Creative Director :
Mike Hahn
Group Creative Director :
Ryan Blank
Creative Director :
Greg Gerstner
Creative Director :
Seth Rementer
Executive Digital Producer :
Tracy Moore
Senior Digital Producer :
Tracy Moore
Senior Digital Producer :
Colby Black
Technical Director :
Jason Wurtzel
Technical Lead :
Ian Crowley
Creative Director :
Ginevra Capece
Creative Director :
Fergus O'Hare
Art Director :
Chris Rowson
Executive Content Producer :
Leslie D'Acri
Content Producer :
Sharon Mendelow
Associate Head of Traffic :
Rachel Fuller
Senior Print Producer :
Mike Piscatelli
Illustration :
Serial Cut
3D Artist :
Jimmy Andersson
Design Agency :
Creative Director :
Graham Hill
Head of Production :
Ryan McGrath
Producer :
Rhonda Shade
Technical Lead :
Ivan Safrin
Creative Partner :
David Schwarz
Technical Partner :
Erik Karasyk
Creative Advisor :
Jodi Terwilliger
Designer :
Erik Yang
Designer :
Evan Anthony
Designer :
Eric Ko
Concept Artist :
Carlos Ancalmo
Back-End Developer :
Max Goldberg
Developer :
Charlie Whitney
3D Animator :
Evan Anthony
3D Animator :
Christian Haberkern
3D Animator :
James Zanoni
3D Animator :
Antoine Schirer
3D Animator :
Rob Eckert
Compositor :
Lu Lui
Compositor :
Gerald Soto
Compositor :
Jose Fuentes
Line Producer :
Mark Mutschler
Production Assistant :
Waichi Yeung
Sound Design and Composition :
Creative Director :
Wilson Brown
Executive Producer :
Sean McGovern
Sound Designer/Composer :
Charlie Van Kirk
Sound Designer/Composer :
Andrea Ryan
Technology Design and Integration :
Fabrication Partner :
Showman Fabricators
Architect :
Mark Thorpe

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