This Futuristic Film Is One of the First Commercials From a Blockchain Brand

VeChain Debuts via Film From MPC Creative and Unconditioned

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Mar 14, 2018

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Blockchain has already become one of the most talked-about technologies of 2018, and now the first brands are emerging.

VeChain, the public blockchain platform, is one of the first to launch a commercial, with a futuristic film created by MPC Creative and Unconditioned that aims to build mystique around its brand.

The film, which debuted at a company rebranding event in Singapore, is set in a futuristic city and shows the seven founders of VeChain as characters emerging from a desolate desert to create a new inclusive system that anyone can be a part of. The end shot shows a network of connected data spanning across the entire newly built city, reinforcing the idea that every customer around the world is running the platform.

Rupert Cresswell at MPC Creative directed it, and says in a statement: "We worked with Unconditioned closely to achieve VeChain's vision of this revolutionary city. This isn't a typical corporate campaign; VeChain wanted something different, a bold move for this rebranding. The film needed to have a 'blockbuster trailer' element to it, so everything is dialed up - the buildings, the sound and the voices are as epic as they can be. We've thrown everything at it to make it feel huge."


Mar 14, 2018
Unconditioned/MPC Creative

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