Watch Kids Pick Bleach Over Toys in This Eye-Opening Dutch PSA

Lemz Secretly Filmed Children Playing With Household Chemicals

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Oct 14, 2015

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To highlight the dangers of kids playing with household chemicals, Amsterdam agency Lemz conducted a hidden camera experiment on little kids -- and the results are compelling.

On behalf of the Dutch Government's home safety promotion organization VeiligheidNL, Lemz (creators of "Sweetie," the anti-paedophilia campaign which won the Cannes Grand Prix for Good in 2014) filmed kids aged between one and four using a hidden camera, eye-tracking sensors, and a heart rate monitor. Each child was given a choice between a traditional toy, like a stuffed animal, and a toxic household item -- bleach, paint, detergent tablets. More than half the kids chose to play with the household item -- indeed, some seem magnetically drawn to it.

The video was shared with parents online and also led people to a mobile challenge called "Toy or Toxic," designed to let parents test their children to find out if they choose a toy or a household chemical.

The campaign message was also communicated via print media, posters and brochures displayed at children's health and vaccination clinics around the country.


Oct 14, 2015

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