Vodafone and Dutch Musician Kyteman Give Hearing-Impaired Girl Her First Live Concert

Brand Helped Engineer Song Heard at Lower Frequencies

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Sep 05, 2014

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Vodafone has teamed up with Dutch composer Kyteman to create a song designed specifically to help people with a limited range of hearing experience live music. This touching short film showcasing the project features Vera, a 19-year-old Dutch girl who has recently had a cochlear implant. Vodafone brought Kyteman and the girl together, so he could create a version of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" specially designed for the range of frequencies that she could hear. The song was chosen via a social media vote in which Vodafone asked the Dutch public what they thought would be the perfect song to experience at a concert for the first time.

As seen in the film, an 18-piece orchestra helped Kyteman fine tune the song, which was eventually played at a special concert for 400 people, including others with cochlear implants. The song was also released as a single.

The project, conceived by Dutch agency Achtung!, is part of a global sponsorship campaign, Vodafone #Firsts, that aims to create a deeper interaction between consumers and the Vodafone brand.