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Aug 07, 2015

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New York-based creative collective Verdes recently debuted a tool meant to help creatives across the spectrum -- from advertising to fashion to marketing -- shape the fuzzy notions in their heads into more articulate and powerful ideas. The new book, "Brownie's Guide to Expertly Defined Ideas" was "inspired by the first step in the design process" which "involves words to define the character of a brand before exploring the aesthetics," explained Verdes co-founder Greg Matson.

The colorful tome is broken down into tabbed sections. Readers first start at the table of contents. Select a general descriptor, move on to the chapter describing it to find a more succinct illustration of what's really on your minds. You then repeat the process with four to six adjectives describing the character of your idea.

"It's a process and practice that firms use to bill big businesses a lot of money to perform" and has "been used to establish nearly every brand in world," he said. "It's an approach that can be applied to all creative endeavors, but is rarely exercised outside of creative agencies. The process is repeated countless times, but for some reason has never been made repeatable. Since no sane person is a fan of doing the same thing over and over, we decided to write it down once and for all.

The book took two years to complete and runs at nearly 500 pages. See more info about it at


Aug 07, 2015
Verdes-New York

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