Joss Whedon's Latest Anti-Trump Ad May Have You Bawling all the Way to the Ballot Box

Beautiful, Cinematic Film Imagines U.S. Under Trump

Published On
Oct 27, 2016

Editor's Pick

"Save the Day," the production company and organization founded by Hollywood heavy-hitter Joss Whedon to encourage U.S citizens to vote -- preferably, not for Donald Trump -- has turned out another powerful ad. But this time, it may make you cry.

Until now, Save the Day's weapon of choice has been laughs, as in its star-studded debut video and a recent weather forecast-themed ad featuring Keegan-Michael Key. But this new, cinematic production takes a somber turn, depicting a day-in-the-life of hard-working members of the U.S. Latino community: a loving family that juggles its schedule to run a food truck, a housekeeper in a well-appointed home, a bodega worker and its patrons, and a veteran who's become disabled after defending the country.

The film shows their lives poignantly intertwining on election day. We hear a newscaster's voiceover discuss the day's low voter turnout as the housekeeper unpacks groceries and the bodega guy opens up shop. In another part of town, the vet, suited up in uniform, gives a talk at a school. Touched by his story, one of the students, the daughter of the food truck owner, gives him her precious necklace.

The entire cast comes together, in a way, that evening, tied to their screens and radios awaiting the election results. Their many faces reflect hope, fear and then, we're not quite sure, when the final tally comes in -- "We have a new president of the United States," the announcer says.

And then, in the last scene, we know the outcome when the young girl peers up to her father and asks, "Papi can we stay?"

Appropriately, the ad is titled, "Verdict."