How do you take one of the world’s top brands and make its B2B marketing more human?

For Verizon's Digital Signage team, it meant creating the perfect tool to support their sales reps

Published On
Feb 05, 2021


Verizon is not a company that needs an introduction. At least, as far as their mobile solutions go. From a backup wireless network for retail stores, to new complex technologies, and so much in between, they offer a huge variety of digital support services. When they rollout or update their offerings, it can be challenging to bring these unique solutions to the correct people in an easy to understand and memorable way. For a multinational company like Verizon, providing a one-on-one sales experience to every client just isn’t feasible for enterprise marketing.

Verizon had an incredible sales team for their digital signage solution. But they struggled to communicate the full range of Verizon’s offering to every interested party. They simply didn’t have the time to walk all the individual prospects through from beginning to end.

UviaUs prides ourselves on our creativity, innovation, and speed, but one thing you get with us that you don’t always get from “idea people”... Quality out of the gate. When we build prototypes or sample kits, we want you to get the WOW feeling you’d get from the final version. We see it like this… If the idea is worth doing, it’s worth doing remarkably well.

We designed and manufactured easy-to-use traveling sales kits for the team. Each kit included a Verizon LTE media player with 20” display, and every piece of technology needed to run it.

We custom developed an animated instruction video for the sales team, so there wouldn’t be any slowdown while they learned how to use the units. The units themselves were simple. Plug it in, and they began demoing Verizon’s digital signage solution.

Adding to the convenience, the kits used 4G LTE, so they could be remotely updated from anywhere, without needing to connect to a wireless network. This was perfect for the on-the-go sales professionals using the kits. Even better: they impressed prospects everywhere they went, like the professional models they are.