An interactive Met Museum showcases 5G tech at Verizon's CES event

The project helped make art more accessible during the pandemic

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Jan 12, 2021

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With its rollout of 5G wireless technology underway nationwide, Verizon used its CES event to highlight some of the technology's early uses.

“It’s an innovation platform that makes other innovations possible,” said Verizon Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg. “It’s the platform for us to build the future we want.”

Verizon demonstrated an augmented reality, gamified version of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art called “The Met Unframed.” The gallery was created in a partnership with the iconic New York City museum to make its artwork more accessible during the pandemic—although the website can be accessed only through a smartphone with a fast internet connection (such as a 5G smartphone on Verizon). The experience includes ways to interact with paintings; completing a minigame, for instance, unlocks an AR version of the artwork to allow visitors to see how it would look on their walls. "The Met Unframed" was designed with production company Unit9.

The Met is not the only museum that will benefit from augmented reality, Verizon said. Late last year, Verizon used the Smithsonian’s Open Access collections to create AR museum pieces, including a rendering of the Space Shuttle Discovery. 

Verizon also highlighted the use of 5G in sports, which will provide fans with multiple camera angles and provide AR overlays of player stats.