The Vienna Tourist Board puts Sigmund Freud in the metaverse

Campaign from Jung von Matt Donau lets people chat with his avatar to win a trip to the Austrian capital

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Apr 13, 2022

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If you're confused by the metaverse, maybe Sigmund Freud could help. The famous psychoanalyst is now appearing in Decentraland, and chatting with him could win you a trip to Vienna.

"Get me out, Freud" is a stunt by the Vienna Tourist Board (no stranger to attention-grabbing marketing moves -- in a recent campaign, it put the city's nude artworks on the OnlyFans website.) It worked with agency Jung von Matt Donau and Vienna's Sigmund Freud Museum to put Freud into avatar form to promote trips to the city where he lived and worked.

Freud will be appearing at the virtual platform Genesis Plaza of Decentraland, every Monday to Friday from 5pm to 7pm BST (1-3pm ET) until 29 April 29. The idea is that people can "chat" with his avatar to earn entry into a contest to win one of 10 free trips to Vienna or one of 100 free entries into the Sigmund Freud Museum. People can also register on the campaign website to chat with Freud. 

Vienna Tourist Board - Get Me Out, Freud!

The insight behind the campaign is that while the digital Freud’s questions are in no way intended to act as therapy, a visit to the real Vienna is "a healthy approach to wellness."

"The stunt is designed to allow us all to take a breather, if you will, that this generation of hype-seekers and Instagram travellers is lacking. We want to bring real, physical enjoyment back," said Norbert Kettner, the director of the Vienna Tourist Board, in a statement.  "Connecting to a place through real travel experiences is an important path towards that, even if we are soliciting the help of a virtual platform.”





Freud Heart in Decentraland