'Cyborg' Neil Harbisson Explores New York in Greg Brunkalla's Fun, Intriguing Short

Film Forms Part of Samsung and Vimeo 'Connected' Series

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Jun 18, 2015

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In this quirky and intriguing short film from Skunk U.S. director Greg Brunkalla, bow-tie wearing "cyborg" Neil Harbisson strolls around New York discussing his unique ability to "hear colors."

The film is part of a series of collaborations between Samsung and Vimeo called Connected, that commissions top directors to explore the relationship bewteen humans and technology. Harbisson, a real life color-blind artist, can only see in grayscale, and wears an antenna attached to his skull that allows him to "hear colors." As he tells a bewildered couple of British tourists in the film, it's like a body part that he even showers with.

Brunkalla has fun with Harbisson's encounters in the city, but the film is also thought-provoking, particular on the subjects of race, and on how we interpret color (currently a hot topic following viral phenomena like #The Dress.)


Jun 18, 2015
Greg Brunkalla
Production Company:
Skunk US

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