David Beckham's Tattoos Come Alive in UNICEF Spot Highlighting Violence Against Children

Film Highlights How Violence Against Children 'Marks Forever'

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Dec 05, 2016

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David Beckham has been the face of countless ads and campaigns (Haig Club and H&M to name just two recent examples), but in a powerful new spot from UNICEF, it's his body art that takes the starring role.

Beckham's many tattoos come to life in the spot via some clever animation work that highlights violence against children. The film shows cherubs becoing crying babies, lips turning into shouting mouths, shadowy adults looming in the edge of doorways and kids fighting, hitting and teasing one another as the illustrations of happy times transform into something more sinister. The tagline, and message, is that violence marks children forever -- rather like a tattoo.

Jonas McQuiggin directed the spot, created by U.K. animation and production studio BlindPig and produced by its sister company Absolute Post. McQuiggin commented in a statement; "It's different from most campaigns in the fact that it lets the stories come to the forefront, instead of the celebrity. In the film, David's body becomes a canvas to highlight the issue of violence against children and deliver the campaign's powerful message; violence against children marks them forever. To me, the final product speaks for itself. It's a remarkable example of how powerful and compelling stories can be communicated in a non-conventional way."