This wacky ad starring an unhinged choir illustrates the joy you feel over problem-free phone service

Andreas Nilsson directs spot for Vipps promising 'a new start'

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Oct 29, 2020

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Here's an ad that has nothing to do with Halloween, the presidential election or coronavirus. But it's gloriously wacky and might brighten up your day.

Celebrated director Andreas Nilsson (Volvo Epic Split, MoneySupermarket) helmed the spot for Vipps, a Norwegian mobile payment service and cellphone provider. In it, a man goes down to a river, gets two pieces of rock out of his briefcase, and proceeds to bang them together. One by one, a series of mobile phone users emerge from the river, singing different notes like an unhinged choir. The tagline? "Give your phone a new start."

The spot is by Norwegian agency Anorak, with Nilsson directing through Bacon. "We wanted to create a universe representative of what it feels like when things are wonderfully simple and problem free—the feeling of Vipps itself," said the creatives behind the campaign, Peter Power, Magnus Høgberg Hansen and Lars Holthe, in a statement. "And to accomplish that, you have to wash away the mud so you can sing carelessly at the sunrise accompanied by a man hammering away on two rocks."



Oct 29, 2020
Client :
Agency :
Production Company :
Director :
Andreas Nilsson
Lasse Frank
Producer :
Magne Lyngner
Post Producer :
Eli Mari Sandal
Editor :
Thomas Lagerman
Grade :
Julien Alary
Sound Design :
Adrian Aurelius
Ola Jacob Nestande
Creative :
Peter Power
Creative :
Magnus Høgberg Hansen
Creative :
Lars Holthe

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