Virgin Atlantic Goes To The Movies In Clever New Animated Safety Video

Art & Graft Created Brilliantly Animated Film Full Of Cinematic References

Published On
Feb 25, 2014

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Airline safety videos, once a byword for boring, are now a hive of creativity after recent efforts from the likes of Delta and Air New Zealand. This latest, from Virgin Atlantic, is one of the cleverest we've seen. Aware that frequent fliers often daydream during in-flight safety films, wishing the irritating video would end and the entertainment program would start, the airline has themed its new animated safety film, Trip, around the world of movies.

We're taken into the world of a weary traveler who imagines himself into the world of film as he listens to the stewardess talk through safety instructions. As she explains baggage rules; seatbelt procedure, lifejackets and the rest, we're taken through a variety of cinematic references, moving from the Wild West to superhero movies, James Bond and police chases to a psychedelic Seargent Pepper tribute. Just to make sure your attention doesn't wander at all, the voice of the stewardess/narrator helpfully changes her accent as the scenes change, with tones ranging from deep Texas to clipped upper-class Brit to breathy Latina.

The animation was created by creative studio Art & Graft, which worked on it for six months after winning a ten-way pitch. It uses both hand-drawn illustrations and 3D techniques.