Virgin Mobile Poland : Pixel Heritage

Reliving a time before smartphones.

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Nov 07, 2012

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Remember the pre-smartphone days, when cellphone photos were all blurry? Maybe you'd rather not revisit them, but Virgin Mobile seems to think their might be a nostalgic market for it. In Poland, Virgin has created an app that allows mobile users to go retro and created pixellated photos as if they were done on an old Nokia handset; like Instagram, but for the 2000s.

Created by DDB War-saw and Clever Software, Pixel Heritage is available free on the Windows Phone Store. It was made with help and inspiration from Nokia Poland.

It features phones like the Nokia 6610i, the 5140, advanced N95 or the Nokia 7650, the first Nokia with a built-in camera. Every emulated handset comes with a short description of its photographic features and all photos maintain original, low resolutions. To make your image even more vintage you can add extra bad pixels (randomly generated), lens dust, extra noise or a hazy effect.


Nov 07, 2012
Virgin Mobile Poland
Virgin Mobile Poland

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