Uronephron : Virtual Hot Water Bottle

Soothe away the pain...with your laptop.

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Jun 18, 2012

Editor's Pick

Here's a campaign that falls into the category of 'so bizarre it's creative'. Y&R Ukraine came up with a truly original way to promote cystitis remedy Uronephron; it created a website that 'turns your laptop into a virtual hot water bottle'. Users are instructed to the computer on their stomach and click the "Warm Me Up!"button, which starts a video of rubber hot water bottle that starts to sing Barry White. The idea is that the computer heats up and relieves the pain, while the woman gets a soothing moment of relaxation. While we think there's something vaguely pornographic about the video, and we're not totally reassured by the agency's message that it's perfectly safe, full marks to Y&R for coming up with an idea that's surely never been done before.


Jun 18, 2012
Y&R - Ukraine

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