Visa Lets You Play Soccer with Zidane

Or Be a Ninja Goalie Hero. Your Choice.

Published On
Jun 23, 2014

Editor's Pick

Earlier this month, AKQA and Skunk collaborated on this awesome World Cup site for sponsor Visa. The "Samba the world" interactive film section helped those missing out on the live festivities travel to Brazil from the comfort of their homes (and offices).

The site's latest promoted feature is the teletransporter, which invites visitors to insert themselves into crucial scenes on the pitch. For example, Van Persie's famous goal in the Netherland's first cup match against Spain is a particular draw. Since then, the Flying Dutchman's goal has been seen around the globe and now his likeness is being used in memes the world over.

Visa demonstrates how much fun it is to be in the action in a new string of spots promoting the feature. They show average Joes teletransported into the thick of the Brazilian fun -- whether it's getting a rubdown, scoring a goal a la Van Persie, saving the day like lengendary Colombian goalie Higuita or playing with (retired) French soccer star Zinedine Zidane.

Fun new templates will be added to the digital campaign as the tournament continues.