Buying bodega-inspired swag from Vita Coco means free sandwiches for New York healthcare workers

The brand's 'Insta Bodega' gives bacon-egg-and-cheese donations for every item bought

Published On
Jun 30, 2020

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Vita Coco recently paid tribute to New York bodegas, the saviors of many city dwellers during the pandemic, in an outdoor campaign. Now, it's added a social media element that allows people to support them. 

Agency Interesting Development created the Vita Coco Insta Bodega, an online pop-up marketplace offering bodega staples and bodega-inspired items for sale. These include t-shirts, stickers, a fidget spinner and a $14.99 "hangover kit" containing items such as sunglasses, face wipes, salted crackers and of course Vita Coco.

With each item you buy, Vita Coco will donate at least one BEC (bacon, egg and cheese) sandwich from a bodega to a New York healthcare worker (the hangover kit donates five). Vita Coco has already funded 500 BEC sandwich purchases through MyBodegaOnline, Vita Coco’s partner in supporting bodegas throughout Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

The store is being promoted via Vita Coco’s Instagram and website, and will be open for the whole of July.