Beautifully simple

Brand platform, ecommerce and Vizio SmartCast

Published On
May 28, 2020


Vizio has partnered with Envoy over the past 7 years to help transform their brand, digital presence and products. When we first started working with Vizio, they were thought of as a quality but budget TV. Their brand perception was one of many black rectangular boxes in a sea of screens--perhaps in a wholesale club, discount retailer or online. Their selling point was technical specifications and price.

So we started by capitalizing on their strengths--quality products, strong design, innovative, within reach. We created a new brand platform called Beautifully Simple. We redesigned their website and ecommerce experience to be clean, streamlined and intuitive. Rather than focusing on just the physical TV and tech specs, we brought the black boxes to life with rich imagery that demonstrated the vast array of entertainment options and celebrated their vivid high-resolution screens. We set their TVs and sound bars in warm, modern households with families immersed into the programming--helping consumers to imagine how Vizio's products can improve the enjoyment and aesthetics of your home.

We also helped develop the Vizio SmartCast TV platform and mobile app. This involved working with Vizio and Google engineers to create the award-winning platform. With SmartCast, consumers can use their voice, phones, and/or smart speakers to find their favorite show and play it on their TV. SmartCast works with Google Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2 and Amazon Alexa. You can also search for movies and TV shows across streaming services, all through your SmartCast app. Now that's beautifully simple.