Vodafone's Latest Marketing Tool: The Moon

Visitors to Promotional Site Can Explore Telescopic Views and Leave Their Footprint

Published On
May 07, 2015

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Many advertisers have used the idea of space for marketing purposes. Vodafone in Spain is the latest to join by giving the general public a close-up view of the moon.The brand has created an online platform that allows viewers to zoom in and see it live and close up, an experience usually reserved for astronomy buffs and astronauts.

Visitors to alcanzalaluna.com can view the moon live from any device, via streaming and in high-definition, via the use of telescopes controlled by astronomers in four observatories in different parts of the world (the U.S., Spain, Dubai and Australia). The user can choose where they want the telescope to point, explore the moon with a moon map, and even leave their virtual "footprint."

The platform was developed by Madrid agency Sra. Rushmore to promote the launch of Vodafone One, an all-in-one product that bundles fiber, 4G+ mobile, and smart TV.