Vodafone : Vodafone Fakka

Making change.

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Oct 11, 2012

Editor's Pick

Smart, culturally specific work from JWT Cairo for Vodafone, with "Fakka." The agency promoted the phone company's small-denomination recharge cards with a clever idea: use them instead of money.

In Cairo, shop owners, grocery stores or cashiers rarely have enough small change to return to their customers. Instead, they fob them off with sweets, aspirin or other petty items. So the agency struck a deal with those shop owners, and asked them to give out the "Fakka" cards, which come in four denominations, instead.

The 50 piasters card gives you five extra minutes of talktime, while the EGP 1 card gives you 30. There's also the EGP 1.50, for two hours, and a fourth card that was recently introduced that gives you 12 hours.