Sienna Miller Is a Yoga-Loving Yummy Mummy in Vogue's Latest Satire

Actress Sends Up Organic Purees, Ballet Stretches and More in Her 'Physical Space'

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Dec 18, 2014

Editor's Pick

Sienna Miller sends herself up as a yoga-loving "yummy mummy" in the latest of Vogue's brilliant satirical short films.

Directed by Cass Bird, the film sees Ms. Miller introducing us to her "physical space" where she enthuses about yoga, ballet stretches ("I"m self-taught"), organic purees and her pet dog ("my spirit animal"), as well as freaking out over a brownie and hilariously communing with nature in the local park.

Vogue's celebrity shorts have been consistently funny and expertly produced over the past couple of years, as we've seen Kate Winslet Google herself, Jessica Chastain surprise a stealth texter and Lena Dunham learn a "supermodel dance."

We're interested to see who's next, as it seems that celebrities are lining up to take part and prove that they, too, are fun enough to skewer celebrity life. Angelina Jolie perhaps?