Nissan : Voice Driver

Drive a car with your voice.

Published On
Nov 01, 2012

Editor's Pick

Nissan and TBWA/Hakuhodo make driving a car really, really easy with "Voice Driver," which lets you drive a car using your sweet sound and not much else. The game, which translates your volume directly into the car's propulsion, is based on motors of radio-controlled four-wheel-drive models. The car used is the Nissan's Fairlady Z Sports Car.

To launch the game, Nissan is holding the "Voice Driver Cup," a Japanese Grand Prix in voice-driven motor sports on Nov. 10 in Yokohama. On nov. 17, the brand will hold a "World Grand Prix" online, letting anybody with a voice join in using their computers. An iOS app will also be distributed free so users can "practice" at home.

The game was created with Bandai Namco Games.