Samsung's Latest Tech Helps Parents Connect With Their Premature Babies

Voices for Life app 'Wombifies' Sounds of Mother's Voice

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May 03, 2016

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Samsung has been making a big play of creating technology that's actually useful for humankind, rather than clever for technology's sake -- it's one of the reasons the brand was recently named marketer of the year by the 2016 Cannes Lions. We've see this in a number of innovative campaigns aimed around parents and kids -- last year it used virtual reality to help a father witness the birth of his child remotely, just this week it launched virtual reality protoype that lets parents read kids bedtime stories from afar, and here's another project from the brand, that aims to connect parents with premature babies.

Agency Leo Burnett Chicago and production company Unit9 developed an app, Voices for Life, that lets parents make recordings -- whether it's saying goodnight, singing a lullaby, or simply talking -- which are then played to the baby in their incubator. The clever part is that the app records the mother's voice along with her heartbeat, "wombifying" the sounds and playing them to the baby through a speaker inside the incubator.

This is based on the insight that, without the benefits of reaching full development in the womb, preemies can lose the nurturing sounds of their mothers, replaced by the beeping of machinery. This disconnect between the mom and her baby puts the child at higher risk of developing language and attention deficits. But the idea is about more than that -- it also gives comfort to the parents, who can feel bereft if they're unable to bring the baby home and hold it.