Volkswagen adds an electric twist to its movie sponsorship idents

Latest work from Adam&Eve/DDB sees VW owners causing the drama by charging their cars

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May 25, 2022

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Volkswagen is continuing its sponsorship of broadcaster ITV's movies in the U.K. with a fresh set of creative idents that put an EV twist on the long-running comedic campaign. 

In the newest work from Adam&Eve/DDB, promoting Volkswagen’s Pure Electric and Plug-In Hybrid range, dramatic movie moments are interrupted when VW owners literally pull the plug on the action by charging their vehicles.

For example, in a "Jurassic Park"-style scene, the electric fence protecting visitors from an enormous beast gets cut off by someone deciding to charge their car. And in another, a Dr. Frankenstein-like protagonist fails to bring his monster to life when the electricity dies.



Another scenario sees detectives on the verge of securing the evidence they need to prosecute a mobster, only for their secret recording equipment to cut out at a crucial moment.


And, there's a superhero movie scene in which the evil baddies are unable to supply the power for their particular brand of torture.



The spots were directed by duo Aircastle, Jamie Cussen & Will Beauchamp, via Rattling Stick. “This campaign follows in the footsteps of many other Volkswagen movie sponsorship campaigns," said Ant Nelson, executive creative director at Adam&Eve/DDB, in a statement. "However, unlike its predecessors, this is for its electric and eHybrid range of vehicles. Each execution depicts a classic movie moment which is interrupted with some classic Volkswagen humor."

The new sponsorship will run until December 2023. It continues the brand and agency's extensive history of sophisticated film sponsorship.  Previous screative has seen the automaker insert itself into different genres of films in various ways, including a campaign that depicted SUVs giving characters "confidence" at crucial moments and the "Made for real life, not the movies" effort, which spoofed film genres with a car-related twist.